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About Sandwiches

Sandwiches and Wraps are enjoying great popularity! The production of these take-away options in large quantities is now easier than ever, using the Unifiller Food Service depositing systems. The different cremes and fillings, smooth or with pieces, can be spread in a quick and hygienic way onto different kinds of bread, sandwiches, wraps etc. The batters are deposited automatically on a conveyor with optical sensors. The efficient, quick and clean production of a large variety of different kinds of snacks couldn't be easier!

Learn more about an optimised SNACK-production combining a Pro Econo 1000i FS with fitting conveyor

The new UNIFILLER Food Service Depositor Pro Econo 1000i FS is perfectly suitable for the quick and clean production of sandwiches and snacks on highest level of quality and safety! Even stiff batters or such with big pieces like chicken or tuna are deposited weight-accurately and fully automated thanks to optical sensors, which recognize the sandwich and start the deposit. The combination of a Pro Econo 1000i FS with snack table makes a modern line for a very efficient production.

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