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About Deco-iSpot

The Deco-iSpot is specifically designed for decorating baked products with smooth icings, toppings and creams directly from a pail. It is the optimal work station for the fast and efficient decorating of baked products.

Machine Features:
  • Draw icings, toppings and creams directly from pails
  • Pail follower plate for round and rectangular standard icing buckets
  • Smoothens icings, toppings and creams automatically before reaching the decorating nozzle
  • Deposit, decorate, side ice and inject with portion control
  • Sanitary, all-stainless steel construction
  • Quick, accurate deposits
  • Quick product change and clean-up
  • Highest flexibility and small footprint
  • Includes 2" product cylinder and hand-held nozzle with 1.2 m food grade hose
  • With pail support tray
  • Twist rosette decoration attachment for handheld nozzle available
  • Side icing nozzles in various sizes, tool holder and hand nozzle balancer available
Performance Specifications

Model: Deco-iSpot
Air: 4 CFM at 80 PSI, 141.4 litres/min at 6.9 bar
Run: Up to 150 deposits/min (9.000 deposits/h) based on deposit size and product consistency
Volume: 15 ml - 400 ml
Particle size: For smooth products only (creams, toppings, icings etc.)

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