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About Dopositor

The Unifiller Dopositor is an advanced extruder / depositor designed to provide maximum efficiency, accurate weight control and safety. It can do a wide range of products such as gourmet cookies, scones, brownies, holiday cookies, pie dough and energy bars. The Dopositor can also handle products containing large inclusions without crushing or melting them.

Machine Features:
  • Produce up to 60 cuts per minute (14.400 pieces per hour with a 4 across die)
  • Cuts through inclusions - big chunks!
  • Gentle action roller design is easy on the product (no auger = no heat transfer)
  • Easy to clean - open design for complete sanitation and allergen removal
  • Easily handles stiff batters that contain particulates such as nuts, chocolate chunks, raisins etc
  • Deposits directly onto the belt or into sheet pans
  • Built in pan sensor
  • User-friendly control interface
Performance Specifications

Model: Dopositor
Air: 4 CFM at 80 PSI (5.5 bar)
Electric: 230 V, 15 Amp AC
Run: Up to 60 cuts/min
Hopper capacity: 34 kg

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