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Multi Station Depositor

Multi Station Depositor

About Multi Station Depositor

Traditional confectionery gearwheel depositors are used worldwide, and are known for performing very well but with limitations in production speed and type of products. In these applications the Unifiller MultiStation M600 and M800 are the perfect compact solution to fast and precise depositing of soft and dense batters, fillings with big chunks and liquid products.

The NEW MULTI STATION with 360° accessory as part of a highly flexible and powerful production line!

Discover the new applications of the Multi Station: Thanks to the new 360° Unit this system is even more flexible and can be used for the fully-automated spreading of round middle-fillings on sponge layers, with a diameter of up to 20 cm in double lanes. A hopper divider enables the simultaneous spreading of two different filings in the two lanes for an even more efficient production process! Optionally you can use this tool for the spreading of savoury fillings, marmelade, herb-, spice- or cheese sauces into round forms or for the filling of Vlaai or Pies. Also twisting nozzles for the fully automated decoration of cupcakes can be powered by the new 360° Unit.

Machine Features:
  • Compact, portable design with integrated conveyor
  • High speed production rates
  • Accurate individual portion control through each nozzle
  • Deposit products with chunks, particulates and that are delicate without damage
  • Optional: 360° Unit for the production of round fillings and twisted cupcake decorations
  • Can be quickly and easily disassembled for cleaning and product change-over
  • Built in pan sensor and PLC controls
  • Servo driven (electronic) depositor
  • Integrated conveyor lift motion
  • Programmable touch screen color display with recipes
  • Choose from 6 or 8 across nozzles
Performance Specifications

Model: Multi Station Depositor
Air: 5 CFM at 80 PSI, 141.5 litres/min at 6.9 bar
Electric: 230 V, 10 Amp AC
Run: Up to 120 cycles/min based on deposit size and product consistency
Volume: 5 ml - 255 ml per nozzle, per deposit
Hopper capacity: 42 litres
Particle size: Up to 19 mm cubic soft particles

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