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Pro 1000i FS

Pro 1000i FS

About Pro 1000i FS

The PRO 1000i Food Service depositor is designed for ultimate sanitation requirements in Food Service areas to work over production lines and conveyors to increase efficiency. It can be used for quick and clean depositing of all flowable products including fillings, spreads, salads, soups and sauces, condiments and much more. Of course this industrial depositor can be fitted with a wide variety of more than 100 Unifiller attachments.

Machine Features:
  • Sloped horizontal cover surfaces for improved food safety and sanitation
  • Pneumatic control system designed to work in hot and cold environments
  • Speed and portion accuracy
  • Precision height adjustment (35 cm range)
  • Quick connect stainless steel fittings on face plate
  • Can be fitted with more than 100 attachments: nozzles, injecting needles, decoration heads etc
  • Full wash down - all food contact parts are dishwasher safe
  • Tool free, quick cleaning and change-over
  • Can be integrated in production lines or used as stand alone filler
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction with 5" swivel casters
  • One-turn calibrated deposit speed dial
  • Easy to adjust working height (telescopic power lift frame)
  • Large deposit range: 10 ml - 1064 ml
Performance Specifications

Model: Pro 1000i FS
Air: 4 CFM at 100 PSI, 113 litres/min at 5.5 bar
Run: Up to 120 deposits/min (7.200 deposits/hr) based on deposit size and product consistency
Volume: 10 ml - 1064 ml
Hopper capacity: 52 litres
Particle size: Up to 19 mm cubic soft particles

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