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Syrup Sprayer

Syrup Sprayer

About Syrup Sprayer

The Unifiller Syrup Sprayer automatically sprays portion controlled liquid products onto cake layers by the use of a product sensor and single shot timer. Typical products include flavored liquors, simple syrups and Tres Leches (three milk cakes). The Syrup Sprayer's versatility also enables it to spray products such as apricot glaze on pastries.

Machine Features:
  • Automatically applies simple syrup onto the cake layers to add moisture and flavor
  • Optical product sensor for fully automatic operation
  • Adjustable spray nozzle attachment (from fine mist to low-pressure flood)
  • Optional nozzle attachment for rectangular cakes
Performance Specifications

Model: Syrup Sprayer
Air: 5 CFM at 40 PSI, 141.5 litres/min at 2.75 bar
Electric: 230 V
Run: 400 - 700 layers/hr
Volume: Fully adjustable deposit volumes
Hopper capacity: 30 litres

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